Coworking Morlans

We share office, projects,
ideas and good times

Would you like to share a co-working space replete with natural light – high ceilings, scenic views - and positive energy?

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What do we offer?

Not only will you rent a table, but a whole ecosystem. A network of contacts and investors, and the best opportunities for your business/work to prosper.


Flexible rates

Resident rate 24/7, all services included, 200 euros per month, Tourist rate from 9am to 4pm *Monday-Friday, 30 euros/day. VAT not included.


Access at all times

Office key included for resident co-workers and Monday-Friday for tourist co-workers.


Fast Internet & Comfort

Connection for landline phone and high-speed internet. Large design workspace with quality desks and chairs, as well as individual lockers with keys. We have large windows that provide pleasant natural light. Air conditioning.


Printer and scanner

Access to the use of a multifunction printer, which makes 50 copies per minute, and a dual scanner.


Administrative services

We have a mail reception service and you can use the office as your company address.


Coffee, tea and kitchen

You will have access to the office for coffee or lunch every day, a refrigerator and a microwave.

What do we want?

The flexible office, as a way of developing a project and/or professional career, in a shared work space, is here to stay. It is a phenomenon in which there is room for different user profiles, spaces and combinations.

The professional use of large co-working spaces can offer much more extensive or demanding services, but it can also imply a certain tendency to isolation among users, an experience that does not fit in with the character or needs of many people.

Small coworking spaces have the possibility of offering professional work spaces for those who want to "feel at home", with their families, being part of a small community of free and independent workers.

At Coworking Morlans, we want you to feel comfortable working.. We believe that time spent on projects should be spent in a pleasant atmosphere, where sharing moments and ideas is possible, but not obligatory!

You will be able to work within a clean, beautiful office, in a workspace designed with care, complete with the services that any independent professional requires. The space can be rented out by the hour, day, month or on a medium to long term lease.

If you feel that this all sounds appealing, then... we already welcome you!

(Image) Viviana & Diana

Viviana & Diana

We want you to work in a professional, calm and personalized environment, where you can make your dreams come true.